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How does SmartphoneTracker work?

SmartPhoneTracker allows you to locate your phone via GPS coordinates, useful if your phone gets lost or stolen, and for locating missing family members. Basically, SmartPhone Tracker is configured to listen for a certain text message. When it receives that text message, the program will wake up, activate the phone’s GPS and obtain a lock. Once it has GPS satellites locked, it will send an email or/and text message with a link to Google Maps with the phone’s location and exact GPS coordinates.
If there is no GPS reception for 5 minute, SmartPhoneTracker will send the approximate Cell Tower location.

Sample Email:,73.985628+W&ie=UTF8&spn=0.006,0.009978&t=h&z=17



  • Remote operation by SMS Code
  • Background Mode
  • Google, Yahoo and WindowsLive Maps format support
  • SIM replacement detection and notification
  • Remote image capture
  • Cell tower location (GSM)
  • Map view
  • Send location by SMS/Email
  • Intercept incoming location SMS and auto display on map
  • Works on both GSM and CDMA devices

System Requirements

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for PocketPC and Smartphone, Windows CE .NET 5.0 and higher
  • .NET Compact framework 2.0
  • GPS (Can work without GPS for approximate cell tower location)
  • Internet connection for email notifications, cell tower location and Map view


SmartPhoneTracker is being distributed as Freeware. It may be freely used, copied and distributed as long as it is not sold, and all original files are included, including this license. You are NOT allowed to make a charge for distributing this Software whether as a stand-alone product, or as part of a compilation or anthology, without explicit prior written permission. If you paid for any of them, get a refund.


SmartPhoneTracker is provided 'AS IS' and without warranty, express or implied. GeoSpotX specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will GeoSpotX be liable for any damages, including but not limited to any lost or any damages, whether resulting from impaired or lost data, software or computer failure or any other cause, or for any other claim by the user or for any third party claim.


User Manual:

For any problem send an Error report via SamrtPhoneTracker
(Menu->Help->Send error report).

If you have any suggestions/remarks don't hesitate to mail me:

User's comments

"You have the best program going my friend I've turned not only my employees on it but everyone that would listen including the guys at the at&t store were i bought the phone I talked to him a few weeks later and he said he's gotten emails praising him from parent over your program"

"First off i must say i lost my tilt one day after installing your program having been at 5 different job sites i was boggled. I remembered the program an popped up my laptop sent a sms an wamo there it was! Saved me $500 bucks thank you SO much ill definitely be contributing more to your development."

"...BY FAR the best tracking software. Response time after SMS message is sent is phenomenal and accuracy is amazing."

"I love the concept of your program! The background and send coordinates to an email are two huge features in a tracking program that I've been searching for hours for."

"I just wanna say I lost my tilt a week ago a day after i installed the tracker.I'd just paid almost $600.00 bucks for it so I used the trigger word an WAMO! I'd left it at a clients house outside on a table thank god for the program I'd already called him and he said it wasn't their and it rained later that night... Works great on the Tilt. Now its been installed on all my guys who work for me cell phones. AWESOME PROGRAM!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Version BETA release

- Critical bug fix - Exception when receiving coded sms (in some devices).


Kevin said...


at SmartPhoneTracker.SmartPhoneTracker.MessageReceived()

I sent 'getgpspos' without the quotes from aol instant messenger to my phone (via sms of course).

Motorola Q9C.

Yaniv Nahum MSc said...

Kavin, a fix next version. this happens when you send sms from private number.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nahum,
Ref ver
Please, question for you;
Once the programme is starting, does the GPS unit continously working, or only when a sms is received.
Thank you

Daniel said...

Escuse me for the last message.
I forgot sent my name: Daniel

Yaniv Nahum MSc said...

Daniel, the GPS is turned on once SPT is started.
But you only need to open SPT for configuration then you can close it.
When a coded SMS received STP will wake up.

Daniel said...

Ok Nahum
Thank you.
I understand that after SPT transmitt the position, STP is closing and also GPS unit is closing too. This is very important, becose if GPS unit is continously working, the device battery will be empty in a very short time.
Thank you

Klaus Wortmann said...

Dear Nahum,

first of all congratulations, Smartphone Tracker is a great app.

For some services of your program a data connection is needed. Because data connections are very expensive in some european countries a lot of users have them disabled (for example with the prog "NoData").

Might it be possible, to add a function, that a data connection will be enabled automatically by the incoming SMS? (Like the GPS is enabled by the SMS)
That would be great.

Thanks again for this outstanding program.


Klaus Wortmann said...

Ooops, sorry!
I just noticed, that Nahum is your surname and Yaniv is your first name.
So please excuse adressing you with the wrong name.

Best regards,


Yaniv Nahum MSc said...

Daniel, yes, after SPT sends the location it closes as well as the GSPS. I will be turned on for maximum 5 min while trying to get a GPS fix.

Klaus, you can still work remotely without data connection. getting the location via SMS ( no email and no cell location).
I might add the option to remotely enable data connection in the future.
Yaniv ;)

Daniel said...

Ok Yaniv
This weekend I have tested SPT on HTC Touch HD and WM 6.1.
It works great.

Best regards,

Sarcor said...

I have a GPS Juno SC with windows Mobile 6.0 the SmartPhone Tracket app send me "error, don't have a name for this error", in the log a number like -542124154, i don't remember, but i can't

Yaniv Nahum MSc said...

Sarcor, when is this error happens?
Send me Error report (Menu->Help) I'll try to see whats wrong.

Sarcor said...

i send you the Error report (Menu->Help).
Sarcor, when is this error happens?
The application never show me the GPS coordinates, and when i send a sms from another cell, the answer message never aarives.

Sarcor said...

My log file:
Capture info: The Graph is running
Start. Mode configuration
Same SIM Verified
Error: Verifing SIM: lineNegotiateAPIVersion failed!
Error Code: -2147483601

Does not display the GPS coordinates, does not show anything in the map view, I tried with different SIM cards and the same error.
Send messages from other cells and is unresponsive.
I have a Juno SC GPS with Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic

Sarcor said...

hey i found this:
Can I send or receive text messages with the Juno SC?
No, the Juno SC handheld does not support SMS or MMS messaging. However you can use IP-based
messaging software such as Windows Live™ messenger, or Google Messaging.

the smartphone use IP-based tracker messaging?

Yaniv Nahum MSc said...

Sarcor, sorry your device must have SMS support to use SPT.

Boris said...

If I check 'Background mode' (or something like that) I'm not able to get program GUI again. It run in the background, but how to change configuration values? :(

The second bug => it looks like program will not start if the phone is in the stand by mode(screen turned off on my Touch HD). As soon as I turn it on it will send the message

The third bug: I have disabled GPS and now every time I wan't to activate it again (either by AutoDetect or by setting desired port) I get NullPointerException on Save Changes

And the fourth one, but I'm not sure about it because I can't test it any more. In case there is no data connection and in case there is no GPS connection, I will not get cell information (at least it would be good to get cell info number without coordinates)

Yaniv Nahum MSc said...

Boris, Start SPT from Start->programs and not directly from the installed folder.
2. I get report about it for some HTC HD and Diamond. Simple solution for now is to call you phone after sending the SMS. This will wake it up.
3. In what way did you disabled you GPS? (SPT turn on your GPS while its on. and then turn it off).
4. basically when there is no GPS reception for 5 min, the response is SMS with cell tower number.

Boris said...

1. I can't reproduce the first bug again, so it was probably due to something else

2. Sounds reasonably :)

3. In the 'Settings view' I had disabled AutoDetect GPS and then I have chosen Disable in the drop down list with the list of the COM ports. After I had saved changes, any time I have tried to change it again (i.e. to choose COM4) I got:

at: ..GPSInterface.Close()
at: ...GPSInterface.setAuto()
at... SmartPhoneTracker.menuSaveChanges_Click()

4. If you disable GPS and you have enabled option OpenCellId and data connection is live you will immediately receive a message with cell location. But, if the data connection could not be established you'll receive "There is no GPS reception and no cell tower location". Is it possible in that case just to receive cell id.

and something new

5. After installation program creates icon in the Programs menu. I would like to move it somewhere else (and I can do that), but after every new program start it recreates icon in Programs menu.

Yaniv Nahum said...

Boris, thanks for the detailed feedback.
3 is a bug will be fix next version.
4 is a good idea.
5 future versions will be more discreet

Gunnar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gunnar said...

found via
downloaded, installed, INSTANTLY loving it!
Spent some bucks for your further development...
Hope I'll never really need it, but good 2 know I have installed it!

greetings from Berlin/Germany

Yaniv Nahum said...

Thanks Gunnar.

k.t said...

The really good. I have a question or possible, to further optimize the program for smartphone without touch screen? Because in this state after the movement of the options is very difficult. I have the HTC S740 Rose.

Yaniv Nahum said...

k.t, I'll take it under consideration in future versions.

Cheker said...

Hi, I installed this app in my Treo Pro. I'm having this problem: SPT activates with the SMS code but the email gets stuck in my email client's (pre-installed PO) outbox.

I'm using Seven for "push" email, don't know if that's the problem. Normally, every sent message goes to outbox for a few seconds and then gets sent. But the message from SPT just sits there and it isn't sent.

Yaniv Nahum said...

Cheker, what device do you have? Try manualy send the email from the outbox (send/receive or send now) see if it works. let me know.

Cheker said...

Thanks Yaniv,
My device is a Treo Pro (WM6.1 Profesional).

Yes, I can send the message without problems from outbox pressing Send. And the message is fine with all the info and everything, when I open it. But as we know, it should be sent automatically, like every other message. So I don't know what's stopping SPT emails from getting automatically out of the outbox folder.

Like I said, all other emails that I send always go first to outbox then a few seconds later get automatically sent from there to the recipient. Those created by SPT get stuck in outbox and can only be sent from there manually.

Keep in mind that I use Seven (free "push email" app). That's a background app that works from within the Pocket Outlook client. Don't know if it has anything to do with the issue I'm having with SPT.

Sorry for the long post, if you think this conversation should take place via email because it's too long or complicated for this area of the blog, let me know.

Yaniv Nahum said...

checker, make sure you check the "force immediate send/receive".
If still not working, its probably a problem in seven.

Mack said...

Hi Yaniv

I have the same problem as Boris on Touch HD after disabling and re-enabling GPS. Which version will have the fix for this in as it would be really handy. I tried un-installing, rebooting and when I re-install it still comes back with the old options. Is there a way to remove those options so after a re-install it works (as a workaround till you get a chance to fix it).

Anonymous said...

Gotta find out a way to avoid the program running in background after being triggered for gps info.It drains my battery life super fast on touch pro... plus if the device is stolen/lost your remaining battery is critical to track the device if gps info needed on consistent basis.
overall great idea for me needs some upgrades for the most efficent energy saved usage.

Yaniv Nahum said...

Mack, next version will have a fix.
for now uninstall SPT, delete the folder smartphonetracker and reinstall.

After triggering SPT turn the GPS until it get a GPS fix and no more then 5 min. The GPS do drain the battery faster.

Mack said...

Thanks Yaniv - sorted me out there (teach me to fiddle with settings for the sake of it!)

stelios said...

Hi Yaniv

congratulations very nice application. I have installed the software 24 hours ago and really i liked it. I have two questions.
1. Can i initiate sending SMS to the predefined number manually?.
2. Is there any way to send together with co-ordinates an additional user comment?


Yaniv Nahum said...

Stelios, you can manually send SMS with your location (Menu->SMS to..).
At the moment there is no option to add user comment to location SMS. I'll might add it in future versions.

pink floyd said...

Hi, thank for the app

Can you add an option to make the phone ringing at max sound ( when you loose it in your house in vibrate mode )

An an option to make a call back ( to listen where is you phone et capture and ringing doesn't work )

thanks !

Yaniv Nahum said...

Pink floyd, thanks for the feedback. The remote phone ringing will be in the next version. I'll consider adding the callback function in the future.

Rick said...

Works great on my Touch Pro2.

Can you send the camera capture via MMS? If not, this would be a great feature.


tm said...

First, thank you for a great app-- really useful and I love it!

I have 3 questions:

1. I first had SPT sending emails to my primary email address, which I also have on my phone. When I would send an email from my computer, the phone would go to the email tab and show the SPT email (not good if stolen), so I changed the email address to one that is not on my phone and I am still seeing the phone go to the email tab for my main email account (although the emails aren't being shown) Is this suppose to happen? I feel like it is giving the person a head's up if it was stolen or if a parent was checking up on their child. I am using gmail for the notifications (gmail for my primary and non primary)

2. Also, when I changed email address, I stopped getting the pic capture although it is selected. But when I turned the phone off and sent an email, the next time I turned the phone on I got the notification email and a pic was included. Subsequent emails do not contain the picture when the phone is on. How come? What should I do to fix this problem?

3. Lastly, what is the ideal settings (main and/or advanced) for using the least amount of battery? I notice the battery is draining a little faster now. I am only using it to send emails, not SMS.

Thanks for the great app and your help!


Phone: htc touch Pro 2
Latest verison of Smartphone (according to update)

Yaniv Nahum said...

Rick, since MMS is not a Windows Mobile standard there is no easy way to send capture images via MMS.

1. Is a know issue, this is what WinMo does when sending email. I'll try to find a workaround in future releases.
2. Does test camera works on SPT? can you manually send email with capture image (Email to..)?
3. SPT uses gps, which drain the battery. When you done configuring/using SPT make sure you close it. It will automatically wake up when receiving a coded SMS.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Sahar said...

The program worked for me as soon as i installed it, but trying it out again today , i didn't receive any message back, i tried several times and checked that i wrote the sms right but still nothing..

Please Help

P.s: (amazing program, thanks!)


Yaniv Nahum said...

Sahar, Please send Error report (Menu->Help), I'll try to see whats wrong.

Daren said...

the gps works great
but i can not get a sms text back from my phone i get the email if i clik send email that works fine but wen i send me activation sms code 2123 i dont get a reply

Yaniv Nahum said...

Daren, Make sure you send the correct code. It might take up to 5 min until you'll get a response when no GPS signal.
If still not working you can send error report (Menu->Help) I'll try to see whats wrong.

Daren said...

The correct code was sent 2123 but nothing came back i tried on 2 diffrent phons texing the code it had gps lock at the time im running it on wm 6.1 on a xda venn or the pentach mustang2 as its knowen in the states
everything works ok its just not replying wen i send a text containing 2123

Yaniv Nahum said...

Daren, Apparently there is something wrong with the message interception of your phone.
What phone are you using?

Daren said...

my phones the xda venn or the pantec mustang 2 both arew the same phone useing wm 6.1

Anonymous said...

Hi Yaniv,

First of all congratulation for your SmartPhone Tracker! It's a great software (almost a "must have").
I'm trying it in my Htc Touch Hd, and it works fine.
But unfortunately when I switch it in stand-by mode, it will not send back the SMS with position until I not do a normal call to it.
I read that other users have this problem. I hope that you'll find a solution.

Yaniv, I am astonished that you forgot a very important data to add in the back-SMS: the date-time of the fix!
Assuming that the back-SMS is sent immediately after the fix, this can be sufficent.
If not, will be necessary also to add the time when the SMS is sent.

Another suggestion: I hope that you will implement the following new feature in SmartPhone Tracker in next versions:
Actually, in SmartPhone Tracker there is not a true feature as antitheft for car.
If you add that the gps is constantely on and SmartPhone Tracker continually check the position, an SMS will be sent if there is a position change (for example greater than 100 mt.).
This can be made without problem for phone battery, because users that want to use this feature will connect the phone to the car-power of course.

Thanks and regards.


Yaniv Nahum said...

Marco, there is a problem with the HTC HD that the coded sms does not wake up the device and the notification sms is send only when the device wakes up manually or by incoming call. It meant to send immediately that's why there is not time.
Your suggestion will be take in consideration.

Anonymous said...

Yaniv, I want say that to add the Time of the fix in the back-Sms is important for two reasons:

Often the Telephon Company not sent/resent immediately SMS. If the telephone line is "busy" or "overloaded", the sms can be sent/received also with hours of delay.

To have the time of the fix in the Sms, can help to understand how much time elapsed since the first SMS and the Fix, and how much time elapsed since the Fix and the received back-Sms.


Marco said...

Hi Yaniv,

Another suggestion:
I tryed the camera capture feature, and I noted that image is smaller that the value that I set in the camera size/capture setting.
I think that is very better that Smartphone Tracker respect the image size/quality that the user choosen.
Or at least, to add in the program a possibility to choose the size/quality of image capture.


michael said...

I'm having some trouble with smartphone tracker on my XPERIA X1i. When I send an sms containing my passphrase the X1 phone displays the text as a new unread message. Also the phone doesn't send any mail to my configured receiver. And yes, I've chosen a working mail account, it works when pressing "send now..." from within smartphone tracker.

Also the incoming text message displays as a new unread message, it's not suppose to do that right?

I get the feeling that Smartphone tracker doesn't catch incoming text messages.

Yaniv Nahum said...

Michael, its seems that there is a problem with the incoming message interception. Please send me an error report(menu->Help) I'll try to figure it out.

Tyson said...

By Far the best Tracking Software out. Do you have any plans on putting out any updates. Looks like things have been quiet. would love to beable to lock the device from afar.

Thanks so much keep up the good work

Yaniv Nahum said...

Tyson, thanks for the feedback. Yep, I'm quit busy lately, but I plan to release a new version soon...

Anonymous said...

From Jean-Claude
Hi Yaniv
My best congratulations for this app, it is exactly what I was looking for. It works very well on my HTC Diamond after registry modification SMSwakeUp. Now I want to use on my HTC P3300 Artemis but it don't connect with GPS, I try different com port and auto detect mode, only with port com4 Init GPS display (0/12) and, on the mobile, the GPS led is flashing, indicating that GPS is working on mobile but SPT Init GPS stay always (0/12). For other com port Init GPS is (0/0) and GPS led is off. Version : WM6 2007. Could you help me ? Best regards,

The Bogul Group, LLC said...

Works fantastic on HTC Touch Pro2. The addition of password protection will be a BIG plus!

The only suggestion/tweak I'd like to see is the ability to permanently hide/delete the SPT icon from the programs menu. Currently it keeps recreating which means that an unauthorized person knows it's there and could defeat the software. Would also be nice if it would operate in stealth mode.

Yaniv Nahum said...

Jean-claude, It might be a problem of your radio driver. Try GPSTest,product-details.html to test your GPS.

onet said...

From jean-Claude,
Hi Yaniv, thank you for your answer.
On my HTC P3300 the GPS works well with TomTom Navigator, it seems that it has problems with other software that I am unable to resolve, it is a shame, because I wanted to leave this old smartphone in my car to guard against theft.

minh said...

is there any program like the smartphone tracker for blackberry ?

robin said...

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bespy said...

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sebastiaan said...

Hi Yaniv,

I downloaded the fille, I send it to my phone htc diamond, but when i want to installed the program, an error message is coming that i can't install the program. What to do?